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Professional Tree Trimming Service in Boring, OR

Do your trees have troubles producing fruit or foliage? Are you worried that parts of them might be dying or rotted? Get in touch with your boring tree trimming service at Smart Tree Service for a free evaluation. The arborists working with our boring tree trimming service know what to remove from a tree and how to remove it. Local arborists are familiar with the many kinds of trees that grow here in the boring area, and how they like to be treated. The results of poor pruning take a good while to recover from – give us a call today to learn how we can help.

Ensure Safety from Injury and Liability with a
Professional boring Tree Service

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Smart Tree Service provides boring tree trimming service

Smart Tree Service Tree Care Keeps Your Trees in Great Health

Pruning your trees correctly is essential to the health of your trees. Depending on what kind of tree and when the work is done, improper pruning could lead to

  • Unsightly scars
  • Insect infestation
  • Disease
  • Inhibited flower or fruit production
  • Poor appearance
  • Death of the tree

Proper pruning by certified arborists like those at Smart Tree Service, on the other hand, ensures that your pruning leads to

  • Reduced risk from disease
  • Improved production
  • Beautiful, sculpted appearance
  • Increased health and life expectancy
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Use a Professional Boring Tree Trimming Service for Safety

While many homeowners are capable of effectively pruning their trees when their feet can remain on the ground and no power tools are required, licensed and insured tree services help to ensure your safety and mitigate the risks that go along with maintaining your trees. If you have any question about your ability to trim your trees safely and without risk to property, please contact us today for a free evaluation of your job from Boring boring tree trimming service.

Manage the Growth and Beauty of Your Trees

Pruning isn’t just for sick trees! Trees need consistent attention to make sure that they grow in ways that are both aesthetically pleasing and do not pose a risk to structures, people, or other plants nearby. If your trees are growing too close to your house or other structures, or it just doesn’t seem to be growing as you’d like it to – get in touch for a free estimate.

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Smart Tree Service provides boring tree trimming service

Boring Tree Trimming Service Q+A

Read below for some of the questions many of our clients have regarding boring tree trimming services.

What is the difference between tree trimming and pruning?

While these terms are used interchangeably in many situations, there is a difference. Pruning involves removing dead or overgrown branches or offshoots, particularly to increase fruitfulness. In pruning, you do many of the same things, but with the primary aim of improving aesthetics. Of course, these purposes often go hand-in-hand.

What should I look for in Boring boring tree trimming service?

Here are a few factors to look for:

  • Reviews – whether personal recommendations or online ratings, learn something about the company you’ll be working with
  • Prices – the rate you are quoted should be competitive
  • Communication – from the first, their team should be responsive and able to explain what they intend to do clearly
  • Expertise – you should get the impression that your tree trimmers know what they are talking about, and that they value the health and appearance of your plants

Should tree trimmers be insured?

Yes, they should. Even if they are doing relatively small-scale work, risk to people and property is involved when working with trees, and insurance should be carried by all companies doing work on your property.

How far should tree branches be from a house?

Keep tree branches far enough away from your house so that if they break off due to wind, snow, or ice (or a combination thereof), they will not fall on your house.

Is it OK to top a tree?

While a tree may survive even when it is topped because trees are hardy, this is not the best option for the health and appearance of a tree. Other pruning methods are better employed to maintain the overall height of a tree at a desired level while still allowing it to achieve its growth potential.

How often should you trim your trees?

A trimming every year which accords with the growth cycle of the tree is what we recommend to our customers who place a high value on the health and appearance of their trees.

Smart Tree Service is Boring boring Tree Trimming Service

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