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Stump Grinding Services in Cherryville, OR

If you or a previous property owner has left a bothersome stump around, you don’t have to waste your time or your back digging it out. Smart Tree Service‘s Cherryville stump grinding services are available to take care of the problem. No matter how large the stump, we can handle it. Call or contact us today to arrange for a free estimate.

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Smart Tree Service provides cherryville stump grinding services

How Stump Grinding Works

A stump grinder utilizes a large rotating blade to chew away a stump to well below the ground level. By working back and forth over the surface of the stump for 15 minutes-2 hours (depending on the size of the grinder and the stump) and backfilling the area with dirt, you won’t even know there was a stump there. The remaining root structure is left to decompose over time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Tree Stump Removal Cherryville, OR at Smart Tree Service

In some cases (based on issues of access for our equipment or customer wishes), it will be necessary to dig out a stump rather than to grind it down. This will usually involve some combination of hand tools and heavy equipment. After this, the stump is cut up and disposed of per our agreement with the homeowner.

How do you know you need removal rather than stump grinding? It may be a personal preference on your part, you may intend to plant a garden or another large tree in the space where the tree was and can’t have roots getting in the way, or there may be another reason that we will explain when we are providing a quote. In most cases, stump grinding will be perfectly fine, but honestly it’s probably not a question you should spend too much time thinking about – let us do that for you (it’s part of the deal). Let’s talk about our stump removal services in Cherryville, OR!

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Smart Tree Service provides cherryville stump grinding services

Cherryville Stump Grinding Services FAQ

Read below for some of the questions many of our clients have regarding Cherryville stump grinding services.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

In the majority of cases, it is faster and cheaper to grind a stump down than to remove it completely. In grinding, the stump is taken down below ground level so you won’t know it’s there. Now, if you need to plant a garden where your stump used to be, then removal may be your only way forward.

Is it bad to leave a tree stump?

Unless you are planning to dig deeply into the ground where a stump used to be, then no, it is not bad to leave a stump in the ground. Grinding the stump ensures that it is invisible underneath the surface, and can decompose without anyone knowing.

Can you burn a stump out?

Yes, you can. It will take a day or two of monitoring and may still require some digging to get oxygen to the roots, but if you use a flammable substance like diesel or kerosene (avoid gasoline) and keep the fire going, then you will be able to break down the mass of the stump with fire and remove the ashes. Be sure to have lots of water on hand, or a charged fire extinguisher. For large stumps or those who want the job done quickly, stump grinding is a great alternative.

Can a tree stump still grow?

Some stumps can send up new tree sprouts from their base after they have been cut. Removal or grinding will in most cases prevent this regrowth.

How long does it take to grind a stump?

Anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the stump, its hardness, and the equipment available.

How large of a stump can be ground?

Grinding a stump is a time-effective way to take care of stumps of all sizes, provided that properly-sized equipment can be brought into the space. There really is no limit to the maximum size of a stump that can be ground.

Do roots left over after stump grinding cause any issues?

Much of the time, tree roots left over from a ground stump won’t cause a problem. Issues may arise, however, if

  • You are going to plant a garden in that area
  • You are planning to plant other trees in that space
  • The roots belong to a species of tree that will continue to send out shoots
  • If the roots crawl along the surface of the ground, mowing in that area will be a problem

Is there any situation in which a stump cannot be ground?

There are two major instances in which stump grinding would not be the method of choice. The first is where appropriate stump grinding equipment cannot be brought to the site. The second is where grinding will not remove enough of the stump deeply enough for the future plans for the site. In our experience, both of these situations are rare.

Smart Tree Service Provides cherryville Stump Grinding Services

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